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Light Box DIY

Photography Light Box DIY I posted on a few of my social medias my DIY Light Box that I made.  I had a lot of interest on how to make it and was asked to make a tutorial.  I thought about a YouTube video tutorial, but I am "video shy".  LOL So I took pics on how to make it instead.  It's easier to print as well if you wanted.  Please contact me if you have any questions. What you need: Three foam boards size 20 x 30 x 3/16 inches 1-2 Poster boards Rulers Wax paper or tissue paper Pencil, pen or marker Clear tape Masking tape or duct tape Razor blade Measure up 20 inches and make a line across.  (You don't have to measure 20 inches. You can measure as high as you like to make it as tall as you like.) I chose 20 inches.  Cut the board at the line you made. Do step 1 and 2 for the other foam board as well. This will be the sides of the box. Cut your 3rd board to be 22 inches wide (or wider if you like) and 20 inches tall (or wha

What's new and possibly moving my blog shortly

I haven't posted anything on this blog in over a year.  So many things have happen to me since I lasted posted!  My business has been growing steady. Would I like it to be growing faster than it is...yes, but all in due time I guess.  Since I have been concentrating on my business I haven't had time to post because I am always at the sewing machine.  Instagram has also been the new form of blogging for me.  It has been much easier to take a picture of an item I have sold or am selling, write a description and go from there. Not to say that I haven't missed writing on my blog.  Just in today's world with everything being a photo snap away, that is what it has come down to lately. I have been considering moving my blog to WordPress. I am also looking into Google Sites. I have been wanting an actual website that I can post my items and or services on, but at the same time have a blog if I want.  I don't want to lose all the posts that I have on here, so I

DIY-- Chain Maxi Dress-- New Look 6372

DIY   - Halter Chain Maxi Dress -   New Look  6122 View C When I first saw this pattern I knew I NEEDED to make it! It was simple enough and just what I needed to satisfy my sewing itch! When I went to the Quilting and Sewing Expo this past April in Massachusetts, I decided to snoop around other local and not so local (bit more of a drive) fabric shops. One store in particular I fell in love with is Sewfisticated Discount Fabric Store in Framingham, MA. The fabric in here is of good qaulity and costs anywhere from $2.99 to $6.99 a yard. This is where I got this beautiful polyester fabric. I took what was left on the bolt. Maybe about 6 yards or so. I knew I was going to make more than one of something, just didn't know what. Sooo....3 months later I figured out what I was going to make with it. I honestly love when patterns are only 5-6 pattern pieces or less. It makes me happier to get to the sewing faster than to be cutting for hours.  Have you ev

DIY -- Kids Romper/Jumpsuit -- McCall's M7151

DIY   - Kid's Romper -  McCall's M7151 View C I have no idea why these pictures came out so fuzzy.  It could be because it was a cloudy day, but I had to post this because it's too darn cute!! I don't normally make too much for my kids because honestly they don't like the patterns that are in the store.  I guess they aren't "Cool Enough" compared to the apparel that is in the store.  The other problem is my daughter DOES NOT like to wear dresses and there seems to be many "Girly Dresses" in the book that turns her off. We were flipping through the pattern book at Joann Fabrics and she came across the romper  in the McCall's pattern book. Now to her this was meant for her because the "Romper Style is In Mom".  She picked out her own fabric as well. We bought about 2 yards of a light weight jersey knit striped fabric.  I know I took a picture of the bolt, but it must have been deleted from my phone at so

DIY--New Look 6122--View C

DIY   - Halter Maxi Dress -  New Look  6122 View C I haven't posted in awhile!! I have been sooo busy lately with trying to work at my first job and run my home business.  I wanted to share this summer dress that I made for myself and for a Boutique Store. I'm using my iPhone to do this post so hopefully it comes out as nice as if I was to do this on my computer at home. I will admit...New Look patterns and I are not really good friends. I normally have a little trouble with them compared to other patterns. I don't know why that is, it just is. I decided to give this a try anyway! I bought this fabric when I attended the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Massachusetts this past April 2015. I look forward to that trip every year!! It was purchased from the Vogue Fabrics vendor. I purchased 8 yards of this beautiful stretch fabric at $4.99 a yard! I knew I was going to be making more than one. I did not take as many pictures during the sewing process

Open for Business!! Legit Business Women!!

It is time to play a little catch up!!!  I will hopefully be able to spread my posts out over the the next few days or weeks.  I have sooo much to share!  I think it is better and easier for me to post to my blog from my iPhone.  I seem to have the phone to more accessible than the computer now a days. The first piece of news that I would like to share is that as of April 2015 I am now a legal LLC!! My registered name in the State of Connecticut is of course...Silverlinings Originals LLC!! Yay for me!! It is now hanging on my wall above my work station. I have been doing business out of my home as well as two store locations.  Everything I am doing is pretty new still and I am learning as I go, but I am super excited about this new journey I am on!! Soooo.....since I am my own boss (even though I am still working at the hospital as well...can't quit my day job just yet) I needed to have a more functional and appealing work space. I am very OCD about having every