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Last Post Of The Year 2014


Blogging hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be when I first started in April.  I would think about it constantly but actually giving it all my time and energy with a full-time job and my kids sports and family life in general had proven to make blogging difficult.  I didn't go into blogging trying to make money or a second income, I wanted to do it for a place to journal my sewing progress or anything else that was going on in m life that wasn't too personal to post. That saying "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" rings true to me.  I wanted so much for my blog but, I didn't have as much time in the day as I thought I would to post everyday.  Now by no means am I a quitter!!!

 I am trying to set new goals for myself when it comes to my blog.  I'm sure everyone says I am going to this and I am going to do that and fail at it 2 months in.  I am hoping that I will not fall into that category myself.

1) Want to sew more.
2) Learn…

DIY --Empire Waist Dress-- Butterick B5917

DIY --Empire Waist Dress-- Butterick B5917
This fabric I picked up at Paron Fabrics in NYC.  I go there now about once a month but I think this one was bought in September.  It is soo soft!! It has a good stretch to it too.  I can't remember for the life of me what it is made out of. I'm sure it is some type of knit blend.  I need to remind myself sometimes to take a picture of the bolt or at least the tag just so I can remember what the fabric is!!
This is the first time I have had to really shorten the length of the bottom.  It was way past my knees! I like it short, but not too short!  Unless.......

Darts!! I hate them!  I was so determined to make sure it matched the other side and that if the chalk started to disappear on me I could still find the positioning.  I have to do some internet searching though!!! There has to be a better / easier way to do darts and have them come out almost perfect!

Why are shoulder seams the most fun to me??? Because they are the easiest thin…

DIY --Christmas Gift Pajamas-- McCall's and See & Sew


Few weeks ago I made my first set of pajamas for my daughter and son (HERE). It was a big hit with them!! They don't want to wear anything else to bed but what I mad them.  Come to find out my younger sister wanted a pair as well. I used the See & Sew B4322again for my son and daughter and used the McCall's M6251for my sister because she is a teenager.

Off to Joann Fabrics I went.  It was such a hard decision with all the fleece fabric to choose from.  I knew that I wanted Anti-Pill fleece and I needed to find something that would fit the personality of each child.  After a lot of up and downs through the aisles I settled on these fabrics.

My mother came up with the good idea of putting there nick names that she uses on the back of their pajamas. I purchased from Joann's Soft Iron-On Letters(Similar Here)I wanted them to have the same kind of softness that the pajama fleece has.
FOR MY SISTER MIKAYLAH My 3 yr old nephew calls her Kayrah because that…

Craftsy Course Splurge

This post is about my little splurge on buying lots of classes that I bought from Now to find the time to sew all the projects that I bought!

I am a visual learner. Not to say that I can't read patterns and come out with something that is ready to wear. Just sometimes I need to see it done with my own eyes. Maybe even rewind it a few times until I get the concept. 
I also can say....if I'm going to spend good money on good fabric, I want to sew along with someone and get it right so it doesn't end up in a bag that I have of sewing projects that have met their True Death!! (Paying homage to a once great show True Blood)

Now the Sewing with Knits class was the first class on my wish list to buy. Yes, I have sewn with knits before and have had good and bad expirences with it. So...I figured buying this class may help me with things I haven't learned by trial and error yet.

I bought Making Leather Bags with the hope that I can start making my own color handba…