Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY -- Simplicity Pattern 1367 -- Easy Summer Sewing

(Jo-Ann Fabric Pattern # S0563)

I finally got around to using the fabric that I purchase from a few months ago. I liked it so much when I saw it, I just bought 2 yards without really having an idea in mind.  If you are a follower of my blog you probably saw this fabric in my fabric haul 3 posting. The fabric is Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Chevron Emerald.

I love when you only have to cut a few pieces instead of 10-12!!

 I bought just enough to do this project.  I think at first I did want to make a maxi dress.  Because I didn't have a pattern to go off of when I purchased it, that idea was scraped really quick.  That's what happens with impulse buys on your lunch break at work.

 This was a quick and easy sew.  Just sew up the side seams leaving how ever many inches you want for your side slit un-sewn. 

I had in my stash left over black spandex/lycra/polyester fabric and decided to make the band out of that.  It would also act as a Spanx type material for my waist and "mommy tummy!!"

I folded it in half and sewed around the edges using the standard 5/8" seam allowance and trimmed the excess off.

Then I sewed it to the inside of the skirt.  When flipped to the right side there is a smooth seam and you can fold down the band like you do yoga pants.



I think it came out well.  I was a little upset that my iPhone didn't take the pictures of me as clear as I thought.  It looks so much better on my phone.  I've worn it twice already and have received plenty of compliments.  Mostly for the design of the fabric and then even more when I said I made it.  

It's a great feeling to complete your garment.  It never gets old to me!!  I'm sure I will have another failure or disappointment before another triumph, but that's to be expected and I'm learning as I go.

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