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DIY - Button-Up Shirt - Simplicity 2255 - View A

DIY-Tunic -Simplicity 2255 View A

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been working on some business ventures as of late.  Two opportunities have been brought to the table for me and I have decided to jump on them.  I will be sharing more on this in a later post.  Most of my posts are always about firsts.  That may still be because in my eyes I am still a beginner (novice) sewer. 
I got up the courage to try my first button up shirt. I have had the pattern for a while but was very intimidated by it.  The shirting fabric I decided to use was purchased at Mood in NYC when I was there in September.

So I did my best with the trying to cut all the patterns out to line up with each other in the end. I think I did pretty well. The only thing I had trouble with at this point were the pockets.  I had to sacrifice lining the plaid up perfectly horizontally and make it line up vertically.  Originally the pocket placement was too high for me according to the pattern markings, so I lowered…