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Girl's Weekend Getaway Bag -- Weekend Duffel

Girl's Weekend Getaway Bag The Weekend Duffel

So I decided to step away from making garments and try my hand at making a bag.  I didn't want to make just any type of hand bag, but some thing that would be useful on my weekend trips.  When it gets warm again this bag will be used regularly!!  I bought the Weekend Duffel class from over the Christmas Holiday when they were having a sale.  I finally got to dig in.

There was a crazy amount of template measurements cut out of poster board.  I used the long bag measurements which were 23¼" x 10¼" x 8¼".  If I was going to make the regular size bag the measurements would be 19¼" x 10 ¼" x 8 ¼".

The fabric I used was purchased from  The main fabric is (HERE),The accent fabric is (HERE)and the lining is (HERE). I also purchased fusible fleece and interfacing from Joann Fabrics. I bought all the fabric in 2 yards to leave room for error.  And I did have at least 2 errors. That's w…

DIY - Butterick B6130 - View D

DIY - Butterick B6130 - View D
January Pretty Girls Sew Date Night Challenge

Pretty Girls Sew has a sewing challenge posted monthly.  I have never joined one before. I was a little apprehensive about joining because I still consider myself a beginner... may even consider myself an advanced beginner. Sooo....with that being said I decided to put on my big girls pants and just do it.  It was a challenge for me, but in a good way.  I learned a few things in this challenge that will be used as I go further in this sewing journey.
Click this link to see my submission!
You can also see it on my Instagram - SewSilverlinings2017 or theirInstagram - PrettyGirlsSew
And check out the latest Pretty Girls Sew Magazine!

For this project I went to Joann Fabricsand picked a beautiful Blackberry Super Matte Jersey Knit. I had no idea what I was going to buy to begin with.  I walked into Joann's and passed by a small section that was made of just…

January Budget -Just Made It or did I Break it??

January Budget
I Made It!!

At the beginning of this new year I decided that I was going to put myself on a sewing budget. You can read that blog post (HERE).  I had come to the realization that I was spending a good amount of money on my sewing hobby. I would say half of the time it was being spent on things I needed and the other half of the time it was on things that I didn't really need at the time and my eyes were just too big!
In my personal opinion putting myself on the budget and making myself stick to it helped out a lot.  I was surprised at the amount of self control that I have when I put my mind to it. It forced me to work out of my stash and actually look at the notions that I already have and not buy anymore.
Here is what I bought for the month of January with the total and money saved staying on a $100 budget. (It helps when you buy on sale!!)
January 2, 2015 Joann Fabrics: (2) Spools of 250 yd Thread = $3.28 Vogue Pattern = $4.99 22" Invisible Zipper = $3.49
January 9, 2…