Mostly About Me

This blog is my work in progress!! As well as I am work in progress!!

I created this blog because I wanted a place that I can showcase my projects, ideas, thoughts and other parts of my life that make me who I am!!

I am in no way an expert or even close to being an intermediate sewer / seamstress but I am trying my best and that's what matters to me.  Hey....I am self-teaching so there is bound to be faux pas!!  I just have to work through them and learn from them.

I am a mother of a beautiful pre-teen girl who is an amazing tri-athlete and loves to smile.  And a handsome little boy who is smart as a whip and is a comedian in the making. 

I work full-time in the medical field as well as play softball and ride my bike 12-miles every other day (weather permitting)!  I also love to develop black and white film and pictures in my pseudo darkroom which is my bathroom after hours so no one distracts me.  (Mom I need to pee)

All my work spaces whether I am sewing or in my darkroom need to be clean and organized.  I also have to have music playing in the background.  It can't be too loud or make me dance to much or I won't comprehend the pattern I am reading or remember my time limits.

I believe in smiling until your cheeks hurt and laughing until you pee!! :)


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