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DIY -- Simplicity Pattern 1367 -- Easy Summer Sewing

DIY -- Simplicity Pattern 1367 -- View A (Jo-Ann Fabric Pattern # S0563)

I finally got around to using the fabric that I purchase from a few months ago. I liked it so much when I saw it, I just bought 2 yards without really having an idea in mind.  If you are a follower of my blog you probably saw this fabric in myfabric haul 3posting. The fabric is Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit Chevron Emerald.

I love when you only have to cut a few pieces instead of 10-12!!

 I bought just enough to do this project.  I think at first I did want to make a maxi dress.  Because I didn't have a pattern to go off of when I purchased it, that idea was scraped really quick.  That's what happens with impulse buys on your lunch break at work.
 This was a quick and easy sew.  Just sew up the side seams leaving how ever many inches you want for your side slit un-sewn. 

I had in my stash left over black spandex/lycra/polyester fabric and decided to make the band out of that.  It would also…

Garment Mistakes = Disappointment

Last night into this morning I was working on another bathing suit to have for my vacation. I did a little more tweaking to the bottoms of the bathing suit that I had previously made, which came out okay. Then I was trying to make a different top using a different view. Man, what a struggle!!

I don't know if it was the material I was using this time compared to the last, my old sewing machine is starting to act up now and skip stitches, or if I was just having a rough day on the sewing job.
The funny thing is...before I started working on the top I was saying to myself, "You probably won't even like how it looks on you because you like the other view better. For all I know the universe was trying to tell me something!! 
So half way thru with fabric, thread and elastic wasted, I decided to scrap it! It was just too much stress for me! Sewing is so supposed to be fun and me anyways. Once it stops being fun and fulfilling, it's not worth it anymore to me.
Has a…

DIY -- Beach Wrap

DIY --  Beach Wrap

Hello fellow bloggers!!  I decided to try something different and make a beach wrap pattern from a bath wrap I had in my closet, but after I had already bought the fabric (that I didn't know what I wanted to do with it yet when I bought it). LOL

I was in Joann Fabrics a few days ago to buy specific fabric for a project that I knew I was going to be making in the next few days....when I came across this mesh performance fabric. I don't honestly can't remember buying it...even if it was a few days ago.  This habit is a disease I tell yeah!

 I found this in the back of my closet. My mother bought this for me when I was 17 I think soooo its been there for about 13 years now.

 I drafted a pattern from it.  Something free hand and quick.  I didn't want this to be an all day sewing project.  Just a little 2-hour project to use my machine.

Put it on the fabric and started cutting.  I think that is one of my favorite parts of sewing is the cutting.  Specially…

New sewing Machine -- Brother SQ9185 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

After much internet research, price comparison, and nerves....I decided to by myself a new sewing machine. I decided I was going to say its a 3mth early birthday present to myself!! I work hard enough I deserve it!!
There is nothing wrong with my other Brother machine, I just wanted a machine that I can grow with as I learn more and do more! So I figure this was a good enough upgrade in my opinion!
Does anyone have this machine? Is there anything I should know or pointers you have on it?
I would love to hear everything and anything about it. Still scared to take it out the box! Lol
Until Next Time! ✌️

DIY -- McCall's Pattern M5400

DIY -- McCall's Pattern M5400 View E & H

At the end of this of me wearing the finished suit on the beach!! 

This bathing suit was inspired after watching a YouTube Tutorial done by Mimi G.  I'm always looking for a bathing suit that helps cover my "Mommy Tummy" as well as still trying to look "cool" on the beach with my kids. When I saw that I could make it by following the easy directions but also go to the tutorial if need be for help....I was all in!!!

The two yards of swimwear fabric were ordered fromMichael Levine. The first is called Modern Plaid -Purple and the second is calledItalian Swimwear solid in Lipstick Pink.

Working on the bottoms for the bathing suit I added 3 inches to make it a high-waist. 

Instead of having just a lining for the crotch area, it was a good idea to make the inside of the whole bottom a gives extra support like a pair of Spanx.

 I did the same for the top pieces as well. I did fold one of the pat…

Coupon Commotion at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Tomorrow is the last day to use about four 50% coupons on any regular-priced item! That does included a single cut of by the yard item! 
I've used them now two days in a row between the ones that I cut out of the flyer and the ones that I received in my email! It definitely helped! 
Already working on a new project with one yard of fabric using the coupon! 

Until Next Time ✌️

DIY--Little Black Dress -- Burda Pattern 7065

DIY --  Little Black Dress -- DIY

September 10, 2014
I am updating this post from July.  I went to a wedding this past Sunday and finally had a place to wear this little black dress.  I was so proud of it. Many people complimented me on it too.  In no way was it better than what the bride was wearing, but it was nice just the same!

In May I have a post of a DIY top that I made using the Burda Pattern 7065. I decided to use the same pattern and extend the bottom to make it into the Little Black Dress!  I used a Nylon/Spandex/Polyester material for the this dress that I purchased at Wal-Mart.

As you can see I still haven't cut the arms off my DIY Dress Form I can't seem to do it.  I feel like I'm cutting my own arms off, or doing so will mess up the structure.  So I guess I will leave it for right now until it becomes a problem taking something off.

So I hope you enjoy seeing another style of the Burda Pattern.  Click on the links above to see how it was made.

Until Next Tim…

Whole Month of June Flew By...Without a post

Hello Blogger World,

I have been MIA for an entire month.  I thought about my blog almost everyday, but could not get a minute to open my laptop and jot down a few thoughts or say what I have been up too.  After my grandfather passed at the end of May it has been non-stop.  I will work backwards through the last month.

My daughter was selected for an all-star softball team and made it all the way to the championship game (which was yesterday) and the lost by 3!!! The team and the parents were devastated because we watched these girls work so hard an train for a month!!

I ordered some swimwear fabric from across the country.  I was so excited to get I waited all week for it, just to have it stolen from my mail-room 5 min after it was dropped off. Long story short..I know who did it, I threatened them with my softball bat, case number given from police, made every call possible to store, FedEx, landlord, they were evicted, and I had the fabric reshipped to my mother's house. Seems l…