Monday, July 14, 2014

Whole Month of June Flew By...Without a post

Hello Blogger World,

I have been MIA for an entire month.  I thought about my blog almost everyday, but could not get a minute to open my laptop and jot down a few thoughts or say what I have been up too.  After my grandfather passed at the end of May it has been non-stop.  I will work backwards through the last month.

My daughter was selected for an all-star softball team and made it all the way to the championship game (which was yesterday) and the lost by 3!!! The team and the parents were devastated because we watched these girls work so hard an train for a month!!

I ordered some swimwear fabric from across the country.  I was so excited to get I waited all week for it, just to have it stolen from my mail-room 5 min after it was dropped off. Long story short..I know who did it, I threatened them with my softball bat, case number given from police, made every call possible to store, FedEx, landlord, they were evicted, and I had the fabric reshipped to my mother's house. Seems like stealing packages was their gig.  When they left there were many boxes from different towns and different names on them. SMH

Work is work!! That is how I make my I have to go. For some reason the summer months are always the busiest in the hospital.  I don't know if people get sick more in summer, do stupid things in the summer that cause more accidents, or if people just want an air conditioned place to stay for a few days.  I've been working so much all I could do was go to work, eat, softball (since I play every Wednesday too), sleep and repeat!

I took a one week vacation that I did sew a bathing suit.  I will be posting that in the next couple days.  Other than that...nothing much but work, sports, kids!

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