Sunday, July 27, 2014

Garment Mistakes = Disappointment

Last night into this morning I was working on another bathing suit to have for my vacation. I did a little more tweaking to the bottoms of the bathing suit that I had previously made, which came out okay. Then I was trying to make a different top using a different view. Man, what a struggle!!

I don't know if it was the material I was using this time compared to the last, my old sewing machine is starting to act up now and skip stitches, or if I was just having a rough day on the sewing job.

The funny thing is...before I started working on the top I was saying to myself, "You probably won't even like how it looks on you because you like the other view better. For all I know the universe was trying to tell me something!! 

So half way thru with fabric, thread and elastic wasted, I decided to scrap it! It was just too much stress for me! Sewing is so supposed to be fun and me anyways. Once it stops being fun and fulfilling, it's not worth it anymore to me.

Has anyone else scrapped projects or wasted so much time on an inevitable failure? I would love to hear about it!

Until Next Time ✌️



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