Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DIY -- McCall's Pattern M5400

DIY -- McCall's Pattern M5400 View E & H

At the end of this post....pics of me wearing the finished suit on the beach!! 

This bathing suit was inspired after watching a YouTube Tutorial done by Mimi G.  I'm always looking for a bathing suit that helps cover my "Mommy Tummy" as well as still trying to look "cool" on the beach with my kids. When I saw that I could make it by following the easy directions but also go to the tutorial if need be for help....I was all in!!!

The two yards of swimwear fabric were ordered from Michael Levine. The first is called Modern Plaid -Purple and the second is called Italian Swimwear solid in Lipstick Pink.

Working on the bottoms for the bathing suit I added 3 inches to make it a high-waist. 

Instead of having just a lining for the crotch area, it was a good idea to make the inside of the whole bottom a lining...it gives extra support like a pair of Spanx.

 I did the same for the top pieces as well. I did fold one of the pattern pieces so that instead of it being a tankini it looked more like a regular bikini top.

Its funny how you can tell from the lighting in my camera that I was working on it from the day well into the night. I have to sew in between taking care of my crazy family!! LOL

I could have posted a million more pics of the process of this, but I didn't find it necessary, specially if you can follow the directions and or see the tutorial on YouTube.

It was pretty fun to make and it felt really good to put on the finished piece. I'm trying to fix all my other tan lines I got from previous weeks of kayaking. LOL.
I will probably make one more in black and white before I go on vacation.

I hope you enjoy.

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