Saturday, January 31, 2015

DIY -- Sweatsuit -- New Look 6142

DIY --Sweatsuit -- New Look 6142

This project was a long time in the making. I bought pattern in the spring of last year with the thought of making a warm sweatsuit this winter.  I purchased this fabric of course from Joann Fabrics on Black Friday! I was on another blog one day and after reading the blogger say there was no stretch I was a little bummed. I didn't realize even after I bought it was there was no stretch to it, but I still wanted to make this outfit anyway and I wasn't letting that stop me.

I have no idea what happened to my borders for the other pics...they just disappeared.

The fabric I chose for the top and bottom was a sweatshirt fleece in a hot pink and black. 

I love patterns that don't have many pieces to cut!

I didn't take many pictures of sewing the sweat jacket. I did have to take up in the sleeve cap and adjust the shoulders.  Because this is unisex there will have to be some adjustments made for a more petite body.  I was getting ready to sew in the sport zipper.  I still have yet to put in a zipper that I don't have to rip out. There is always something.  I will get it one day though! LOL

Working on the hood for was fairly easy too.  I am starting to think of myself as an advanced beginner.  Sewing a hood was as first for me as well. 

This was probably my least favorite part.  Trying to sew this twill tape to the seam between the hood and the back was tricky, but I got it!!

This is my favorite part...using this tool to pull elastic and fabric through casings!!

It feels good to put the finishing touches on my work with my custom labels from It also feels good against my skin because they are NOT scratchy and irritating like some tags can be. You can see my previous post about my labels (HERE)

I am pretty proud of how this came out.  I think the next time I make this I will make the sleeves a little tighter. That is really the only alteration I would make on this.   I mean there is no problem with with them being loose, but sometimes I like tighter clothing. I do like that the sweatpants are high-waist so I can put my little mommy pouch in it. It was easy to follow and easy to make.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Put Your Name On Your Work!!

Clothing Labels Just Arrived!!

When I was in elementary school I remember my teachers always saying, "Don't forget to put your name on your work so I know who it belongs too!"  I even have to remind my children when they do their homework to put their name on their work as well. 

Now I get to put my name on My Work!!!

A few weeks before Christmas I was searching for clothing labels that I was able to customize and wouldn't break the bank.  I really was doing my homework!! I was looking for a small quantity to start with just in case I wasn't satisfied. One of my Instagram followers had shown a picture of herself sewing in her labels and I was curious where they came from.  She told me about this website I believe the basic starting price for 50 labels is $21.00 US.  If you add a graphic it brings it to $24.00 US and if you add the border it takes it to $27.00 US before taxes.  This was plenty affordable to me to start with 50!! Perhaps if you go more in depth with your personal logo and get more creative it will cost more and take longer to get to you. It took about 3 weeks to get to my house but it was worth the wait.  I am so happy with how they came out and will definitely order more!!

It honestly was the best "sewing feeling" in the world to put my label in the clothes that I made for the first time.  I can't describe it, but it was elating!! 

Just a few pictures of some of the already made clothes that I put my label in.  After doing so it makes me feel like all the hard work is complete once you put the label in!

I am not affiliated with, I do however highly recommend their company for the affordability, quality and quick shipping.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting My New Year Sewing Budget

New Year Sewing Budget

So again, I really didn't plan on having any resolutions because I would have a hard time keeping them.  I know last year a lot of people participated in the Sewing Diet in which they did not buy any unnecessary RTW (ready to wear) clothing and either sewed or upcycled their clothing. That challenge didn't do much for me because I only shop about a few times a year and not for expensive things.  I have some jeans, shirts, sweaters and scrubs that I have been wearing for 6+ years and still look good and in style. 

What I did notice last year is that I spent lots of $$$$$$$ on fabric and tools of the trade.  Like any hobby it can get a little pricey just with fabric alone!!  Now in my defense for last year, I spent a lot of money basically for start up.  Having to buy a new reliable sewing machine that can grow with me as I hone my sewing skills can break the bank itself let alone buy all the supplies that you need. (Pattern sales will get you..91 patterns later)  I will admit I did get a little carried away with some things I bought last year. Even lots of Craftsy classes (that I haven't watched yet) BUT they were on sale!!! I will get to them I promise!!  And I did use a lot of online coupons and Joann coupons that came in the mail or in my email.  Just sayin'!!

This year I am giving myself a monthly budget!! Just to think about it let alone say it scares me.  I do live my life on somewhat of a budget, but I don't like being restrained or contained or told I can't for that matter.  I am laughing to myself in my head because at the end of December with all the sales and deals I bought a few yards of different fabric, hardware, supplies and classes that would have broke the budget!! HAHA

My goal is to have a monthly sewing budget of $100.  This includes fabric and supplies.  To some that may be too much and to others that may not be enough.  This is what I felt was a good "restraint" for me. I actually had it $150, but then I thought if I am spending that much a month I could be saving for something else.  At the end of each month I will blog about what I have spent and if I stayed within my budget or broke the bank!  I think over the next couple weeks and or months I will have a slight advantage because I will be working out of my stash hopefully!! Wish me luck!!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year -- Gonna Jump On It -- Blogging Again

I'm not gonna say that I have a million resolutions because I know myself....they will eventually one by one be broken.  My goal for this year is to try and blog once a week with the busy work and family life I have been living.  I had this notion that I had to blog every day and that my blog would only be about sewing.  Yes...sewing and showcasing my work was a big part of the reason why I wanted to start the blog in the first place, but I am realizing that there is so much more to "blog" about.  As I have said in my previous post it's not about making money or trying to become famous. It's about being me and sharing the things that I love and love to do. 

In the header of my blog it says:

 "My journey as a beginner in the sewing and blogging community. The failures,the triumphs and the in between!!! "

I have to remind myself that I can blog about the in between and not let so much time go in between posts.  

I do have a lot of posts brewing in my head.  I have a few sewing projects that I will be working on.  The one I am currently working on may be my first failure that I will post. Its a New Look pattern that I started but have been avoiding it because it was frustrating me.  I think I will finish it though just to see what happens so I can learn from my mistakes.

I just ordered some fabric to start working on my first Craftsy class so I am pretty excited about that.  I have been dreaming about finishing it before I even start it!

I am hoping to join the new January Sew Along with Pretty Girls Sew using a Butterick Pattern they chose.  It will be my first sew along.  I was afraid of the October Scandal Sew Along they did, but it's a new year to try new things and NOT be scared!!

I also saw some DIY Pintrest posts that I pinned to my board that I want to make as well.

I have a few plans to travel a little more and get back on my bike riding too.

Here I come 2015!!
I can't wait to jump into blogging again!

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