Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year -- Gonna Jump On It -- Blogging Again

I'm not gonna say that I have a million resolutions because I know myself....they will eventually one by one be broken.  My goal for this year is to try and blog once a week with the busy work and family life I have been living.  I had this notion that I had to blog every day and that my blog would only be about sewing.  Yes...sewing and showcasing my work was a big part of the reason why I wanted to start the blog in the first place, but I am realizing that there is so much more to "blog" about.  As I have said in my previous post it's not about making money or trying to become famous. It's about being me and sharing the things that I love and love to do. 

In the header of my blog it says:

 "My journey as a beginner in the sewing and blogging community. The failures,the triumphs and the in between!!! "

I have to remind myself that I can blog about the in between and not let so much time go in between posts.  

I do have a lot of posts brewing in my head.  I have a few sewing projects that I will be working on.  The one I am currently working on may be my first failure that I will post. Its a New Look pattern that I started but have been avoiding it because it was frustrating me.  I think I will finish it though just to see what happens so I can learn from my mistakes.

I just ordered some fabric to start working on my first Craftsy class so I am pretty excited about that.  I have been dreaming about finishing it before I even start it!

I am hoping to join the new January Sew Along with Pretty Girls Sew using a Butterick Pattern they chose.  It will be my first sew along.  I was afraid of the October Scandal Sew Along they did, but it's a new year to try new things and NOT be scared!!

I also saw some DIY Pintrest posts that I pinned to my board that I want to make as well.

I have a few plans to travel a little more and get back on my bike riding too.

Here I come 2015!!
I can't wait to jump into blogging again!

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Until Next Time!!



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