Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting My New Year Sewing Budget

New Year Sewing Budget

So again, I really didn't plan on having any resolutions because I would have a hard time keeping them.  I know last year a lot of people participated in the Sewing Diet in which they did not buy any unnecessary RTW (ready to wear) clothing and either sewed or upcycled their clothing. That challenge didn't do much for me because I only shop about a few times a year and not for expensive things.  I have some jeans, shirts, sweaters and scrubs that I have been wearing for 6+ years and still look good and in style. 

What I did notice last year is that I spent lots of $$$$$$$ on fabric and tools of the trade.  Like any hobby it can get a little pricey just with fabric alone!!  Now in my defense for last year, I spent a lot of money basically for start up.  Having to buy a new reliable sewing machine that can grow with me as I hone my sewing skills can break the bank itself let alone buy all the supplies that you need. (Pattern sales will get you..91 patterns later)  I will admit I did get a little carried away with some things I bought last year. Even lots of Craftsy classes (that I haven't watched yet) BUT they were on sale!!! I will get to them I promise!!  And I did use a lot of online coupons and Joann coupons that came in the mail or in my email.  Just sayin'!!

This year I am giving myself a monthly budget!! Just to think about it let alone say it scares me.  I do live my life on somewhat of a budget, but I don't like being restrained or contained or told I can't for that matter.  I am laughing to myself in my head because at the end of December with all the sales and deals I bought a few yards of different fabric, hardware, supplies and classes that would have broke the budget!! HAHA

My goal is to have a monthly sewing budget of $100.  This includes fabric and supplies.  To some that may be too much and to others that may not be enough.  This is what I felt was a good "restraint" for me. I actually had it $150, but then I thought if I am spending that much a month I could be saving for something else.  At the end of each month I will blog about what I have spent and if I stayed within my budget or broke the bank!  I think over the next couple weeks and or months I will have a slight advantage because I will be working out of my stash hopefully!! Wish me luck!!

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