Sunday, September 21, 2014

Overcasting Stitch...."Over Excited" so I'm "Over Sharing"

Hi All,

So this is going to be a random post because it is my blog and I felt like sharing my excitement.  To many reading this it may not be that exciting, but because this blog is about my journey in the sewing world and I am still learning new things everyday for me it is something to talk about.

I have been wanting a serger for about 8 months now.  I have seen a lot of YouTube videos of people using it and well-known bloggers and seamstresses using it as well.  Every time I finish a garment I think to myself...If I had a serger to finish off all these raw edges it would look fantastic.

I posted about 2 months about my new Brother sewing machine (Here) that I recently purchased.  I have been using it little by little and I started wondering about the overcasting stitch.

Here is a close up of me using the overcasting foot for the first time.

Zooming out to show the stitch.  I think it would look better if the raw edges were a little cleaner. The scissors I was using were starting to dull.  Since then I have bought new, very sharp scissors.

This is a better edge that was stitched with the overcasting foot.

Sooooo.....when I started writing this post my foot was intact.  I was just attached the foot b/c I was ready to overcast a few seams that I had completed.  I was sidetracked by answering the phone. When I brought down the needle to start the stitch; I didn't realize that I did not move the needle position. Instead of breaking the needle I broke the foot.  I did go to the store yesterday and replace it though very quickly.  There was no way I was going without that foot for more than a day or feeling like my machine pieces were in complete

Everything is well in my world again and I finished the garment I was working on.  Hopefully it will be posted in the next few days.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY -- Fleece Eagles Poncho -- Simplicity 1747

Hi All,

So I guess when you become a sewing start to want to sew everything and anything no matter how big or how small.  For me, I walk by my sewing machine and say, "man I need to get something in there just to get it moving". So I decided to get a small project going.  This project was not for me but for my son.  I swear I think of DIY projects all day everyday....even while I'm working!!

In my house we are Philadelphia Eagles fans!!  Even though we live in New England where everybody is a New York Giants, New York Jets or New England Patriots fans, we Bleed Green in our house.

When I was in New Jersey this summer on vacation I made a specific trip to stop at Joann Fabrics to pick up 4 yards of this lovely fleece fabric.  Certain states carry surrounding professional sports teams or you have to special order them.  I plan on making more things with this fabric, but I had the poncho in mind when I bought it.

It looked simple enough to give me a little sewing fix before I am ready to start a much bigger, more time consuming project.

I don't think it could get any simpler than cutting three pattern pieces and three pieces of fabric.

I sewed up all the raw edges, attached the hood to the neck and attached the pocket to the front. Between the cutting of patterns and fabric, ironing the pattern pieces and sewing, I would say this took about 1 1/2 hrs.  I was still being a mom in between. LOL

Back View

So here is my youngest love modeling his poncho.  The first thing he said was mom its so comfy!!

Then he wanted to put the hood on.

So the whole point of this was for him to have a warm easy on and off pullover when he is sitting on the bench during soccer games between rotations.  I think he is going to be the most stylish boy on the bench if you ask me.  He's gonna have the cool mom.  When I posted it on Instagram everyone was placing orders for their teams. Licensed fabric isn't cheap so they better come with that dough!! LOL Hope you enjoyed my quick but fun post.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Stephanie Goes to New York --Part 2-- Meets Mimi G of

Hello fellow bloggers!! So I said in my last post I was going to post my sole reason for going to New York this past weekend.  It was to meet my sewing IDOL Mimi "Mimi G" Goodwin. She had posted for a few weeks that she was coming to New York to sign her patterns that she has just released with Simplicity.  I was so excited about this because I have wanted to meet her for over a year! I wasn't able to go to her annual conference this summer, so I jumped with the opportunity to meet her when I saw her post she was going to be in my neck of the woods.  The meet and greet was held at the Brooklyn Craft Company in New York.


I was one of the first to get there because I was so excited, but at the same time didn't want to be standing in line a block away because I knew how many people would be there.  While waiting in line I met some amazing women.  One in particular I can say is my female sewing soul mate! Since this meet and greet I have kept in touch with just about every day since,  I am thankful and grateful to have met her.



We all screamed and clapped when she got out the taxi.  Its amazing how such a ordinary person like you and me can be so awesome and change the lives of many women!


               She is so humble!!! I loved the shirt that she was wearing!!!


I wish this picture was a little more focused, but it will do.  I love this picture anyway!


I was so happy that I got a hug.  It is obvious by how high up my eyebrows are that I must have been smiling really really hard.  I think so of her magic wore off on me!! LOL. Now maybe I can sew some really awesome stuff. LOL


                  She signed my patterns and gave me Mimi G Style labels.


Had to take another picture with Adrienne.  In my last post we look like we were sweating to death from all the running around and shopping we were doing the day before.


                   Oh hey Kelly.  Sitting over there looking so beautiful!!


Looking at all her fans waiting to meet her and tell her what an inspiration she is to all of us.


These were the goody bags that were given to all the ladies that attended the meet and greet!


             The little goodies inside the bags placed in front of the the patterns.


The patterns that Mimi G signed.  I bought 2 sets of her patterns.  One set was for her to sign and I will never use.  The other set is for me to cut up and make these awesome outfits.

This will be a trip that I will never forget.  I still smile when I think about it.  I feel like it is something that I can cross off a bucket list.  And if it wasn't for this event I would never met a lovely woman that I feel like I have known all my life!! We have been in contact ever since.  I did tweet +Mimi G. about how grateful I am to have attended this event and made a lifelong friend because of it.

I am definitely going to try and make it to her next conference next summer in LA.  I know there is still so much for me to learn when it comes to sewing and creating and +Mimi G.  has made it easy to learn and fun. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.  My next post will hopefully be a fabric haul from the district.

Until Next Time


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stephanie Goes to New York -- Part 1 -- Garment District

Hello blogging world.  This past weekend I traveled to the Garment / Fashion District in New York City!! Now I have been to New York a few times, but this was the first time I was traveling specifically for the Garment District.  It is only about a 1hr 50min train ride for me. It goes even faster when you take a cat nap!


All Aboard!!!!
I ended up having to take the 10:25 AM train because I missed the 9:46 AM by 2 minutes!!! The traffic on the highway that day was insane!!

This is the Garment District Kiosk.  It is located between 7th Ave and 39th Street.  When I went the kiosk was closed!! There was a sign on the door that said it was closed and to find information on their website  I had emailed them a few months before for a color map to study it for the stores I wanted to go to.

The legendary statue of the Bronze Garment Worker! I wish I was able to get the picture without people sitting all around him, but this was the best I could get.


The Spandex House was the first stop on my list!!  



There is TWO floors of every kind of spandex, lycra, blend stretch material you could think of!!!  I was amazed!! You really can not go into these stores without some type of plan or it is too overwhelming.  You may just end up handing your wallet over!

My second stop was the infamous Mood Fabrics!! I didn't get to take a picture of a store sign because there really isn't any.  Now you have to take an elevator up to this store.  There is an elevator driver always waiting at the bottom to take you up.  On the street level they do have a Mood store, but that only has Home Decor fabric.  Once you get upstairs its the bright world you see on shows like Project Runway!



What I love about this store is everything is labeled by sections.  There is  A LOT of sections.  It would be pointless to name all the sections, but it is three floors of every fabric type and blend you can think of.


In all the bolts of fabric there is a white tag that lists the type of fabric that it is and how much per yard it is.  There are times that some of the bolts do not have the tags in them, but there is very friendly staff that can help you.



There are 3 floors and long aisles of fabric to make anything and everything.  I went with a little notebook with ideas and yardage in mind.  Do not go to this store without some plan or you will also hand them your wallet too!!  If you do not have a plan its not that bad, you can ask any employ that is walking around to cut a swatch of ALMOST all the fabric to take home and sleep on.  But if you are not from around the area you should get what you can't live without!! LOL


My third stop on my fabric store agenda was Paron Fabrics.  I had read some good reviews on this store and how it was affordable and that the staff was nice so I had to see for myself.


In the back way back of the they have discontinued or last season fabric for 50% off.  I also came at a good time because the remaining part of the store was 25% off all regular priced fabric.  This sale is going on from June to October.


In my fabric store travels I ran into Adrienne Nixon of the blog Adrienne's Essentials and Kelly Horton in the well-known Metro Textiles.  We look like we are melting because it was so hot that weekend.  I was a little bummed that I did not get to meet the owner of the store Kashi that everyone speaks so highly of.  Maybe the next time I go I will meet him.

Now on to Pacific Trimming!! This is another store that I have heard a lot about.  I did not buy anything from there this time because nothing I currently have on my to do list needed any specific type of trim.  I just wanted to check it out and see what the place was like.

The Zippers and ribbon........

and the buttons.......

and the buckles and other hardware.  If you can't find what you are looking for in here, I don't think any place can help you!!



I couldn't leave with out doing a few things.  I had to see Chicago!! I have seen the movie but I needed to see it live.  It is awesome.  I try to see something every time I go.  I think my next show will be Wicked.


I did not ride it this time, but I will the next time I'm there.  If I am not mistaken you pay for the amount of time that you are on it.  It is a great way to get around, but I was okay with walking.


I am not allowed to leave without going into the super Toys-R-Us and bring back something for my children.  They love the indoor Ferris Wheel!  I did come home with a gift for each of them.  They were good sports that there mom was away for the weekend.


So this little guy is in place of the Christmas tree.  I wish I had a better picture of him.  The other spray painted eye is absent because I was told the sun has faded it away. :(( I was pretty sad about that.  But it was cool to see something else there besides the Christmas tree.  Wish I must add is better to see on a weekday because trying to see the tree on a weekend is a nightmare!!


So here ends my one day in the Garment District of New York.  I was there for two days with a specific agenda.  In my next post I will be blogging  about my sole reason for coming to New York last weekend.  Shopping in the district was just an added bonus and that some of the stores are either not open on a Saturday or close early. So Friday was my shopping day.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my shopping trip and maybe even learn a few things from it.

Until Next Time


Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Wildwood, NJ to Back to School & Work

I needed to make time to post on my blog so everyone knows I am alive and well. I'm doing it from my iPhone so hopefully it comes out right!!

This was the family's 5th year back to Wildwood, NJ. We just can't get enough of this place and it seems to have become a tradition now. Every year we learn something new or see something new.

This year we ventured out more driving into new towns and going to new stores 😊 boy do I love to shop when I'm in another state! Lol!! I also take this trip to do both of my kids school shopping b/c we find different things than what we have in our home town, but also we get them so customized garments while we are there.

Hope you enjoy just a few of our summer vacation pics!!

My babies love the beach!! We were there every morning 3-4hrs!

I was enjoying myself too! Lots of R&R!!

I love taking group selfies more than just a selfie of me!

Took a 45min drive backwards to Atlantic City! No gambling tho!!

 My kids and my nephew on one of the cooler nights! All the red was not planned it just happened that way.

My nephew has the cutest little smile!!

We always make the mile(s) long walk to the Wildwoods sign just to get our "oh how you have grown over the years" picture.

I had to stop at the local Jo-Ann Fabrics to get 4yards of Eagles fleece!! Being an Eagles fan the best part of going to New Jersey b/c of all the Eagles merchandise!

Enjoying the weather!

Boardwalk Nights!!

And then off to the first day of school and me of course back work! I don't have a back to work selfie b/c I probably wouldn't look as happy as these two!! Even though I was excited to make back all the money I spent!! Until next year Wildwood 😘

Until Next Time✌️



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