Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY -- Fleece Eagles Poncho -- Simplicity 1747

Hi All,

So I guess when you become a sewing start to want to sew everything and anything no matter how big or how small.  For me, I walk by my sewing machine and say, "man I need to get something in there just to get it moving". So I decided to get a small project going.  This project was not for me but for my son.  I swear I think of DIY projects all day everyday....even while I'm working!!

In my house we are Philadelphia Eagles fans!!  Even though we live in New England where everybody is a New York Giants, New York Jets or New England Patriots fans, we Bleed Green in our house.

When I was in New Jersey this summer on vacation I made a specific trip to stop at Joann Fabrics to pick up 4 yards of this lovely fleece fabric.  Certain states carry surrounding professional sports teams or you have to special order them.  I plan on making more things with this fabric, but I had the poncho in mind when I bought it.

It looked simple enough to give me a little sewing fix before I am ready to start a much bigger, more time consuming project.

I don't think it could get any simpler than cutting three pattern pieces and three pieces of fabric.

I sewed up all the raw edges, attached the hood to the neck and attached the pocket to the front. Between the cutting of patterns and fabric, ironing the pattern pieces and sewing, I would say this took about 1 1/2 hrs.  I was still being a mom in between. LOL

Back View

So here is my youngest love modeling his poncho.  The first thing he said was mom its so comfy!!

Then he wanted to put the hood on.

So the whole point of this was for him to have a warm easy on and off pullover when he is sitting on the bench during soccer games between rotations.  I think he is going to be the most stylish boy on the bench if you ask me.  He's gonna have the cool mom.  When I posted it on Instagram everyone was placing orders for their teams. Licensed fabric isn't cheap so they better come with that dough!! LOL Hope you enjoyed my quick but fun post.

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