Thursday, September 4, 2014

From Wildwood, NJ to Back to School & Work

I needed to make time to post on my blog so everyone knows I am alive and well. I'm doing it from my iPhone so hopefully it comes out right!!

This was the family's 5th year back to Wildwood, NJ. We just can't get enough of this place and it seems to have become a tradition now. Every year we learn something new or see something new.

This year we ventured out more driving into new towns and going to new stores 😊 boy do I love to shop when I'm in another state! Lol!! I also take this trip to do both of my kids school shopping b/c we find different things than what we have in our home town, but also we get them so customized garments while we are there.

Hope you enjoy just a few of our summer vacation pics!!

My babies love the beach!! We were there every morning 3-4hrs!

I was enjoying myself too! Lots of R&R!!

I love taking group selfies more than just a selfie of me!

Took a 45min drive backwards to Atlantic City! No gambling tho!!

 My kids and my nephew on one of the cooler nights! All the red was not planned it just happened that way.

My nephew has the cutest little smile!!

We always make the mile(s) long walk to the Wildwoods sign just to get our "oh how you have grown over the years" picture.

I had to stop at the local Jo-Ann Fabrics to get 4yards of Eagles fleece!! Being an Eagles fan the best part of going to New Jersey b/c of all the Eagles merchandise!

Enjoying the weather!

Boardwalk Nights!!

And then off to the first day of school and me of course back work! I don't have a back to work selfie b/c I probably wouldn't look as happy as these two!! Even though I was excited to make back all the money I spent!! Until next year Wildwood 😘

Until Next Time✌️



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