Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Post Of The Year 2014


Blogging hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be when I first started in April.  I would think about it constantly but actually giving it all my time and energy with a full-time job and my kids sports and family life in general had proven to make blogging difficult.  I didn't go into blogging trying to make money or a second income, I wanted to do it for a place to journal my sewing progress or anything else that was going on in m life that wasn't too personal to post. That saying "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" rings true to me.  I wanted so much for my blog but, I didn't have as much time in the day as I thought I would to post everyday.  Now by no means am I a quitter!!!

 I am trying to set new goals for myself when it comes to my blog.  I'm sure everyone says I am going to this and I am going to do that and fail at it 2 months in.  I am hoping that I will not fall into that category myself.

1) Want to sew more.
2) Learn new sewing techniques.
3) Ride my bike again like I did before I fell in love with sewing.  I have to make time for both!!
4) Post more about things I am doing in my life that are blogging appropriate.
5) This doesn't have much to do with the blog, but I would like to find people in my area with a love for sewing and having monthly get together that doesn't break the bank.  It has been a thought of mine for some time and I hope to make it a reality.

I would like to thank everyone that has ever viewed my page once or more than once.  Thank you to everyone that have liked my posts, left nice and encouraging comments and for becoming followers.  I am inspired by everyone of you and I look forward to seeing what my fellow sewcialist have in store for the new year.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Until Next Time!!



Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY --Empire Waist Dress-- Butterick B5917

DIY --Empire Waist Dress-- Butterick B5917

This fabric I picked up at Paron Fabrics in NYC.  I go there now about once a month but I think this one was bought in September.  It is soo soft!! It has a good stretch to it too.  I can't remember for the life of me what it is made out of. I'm sure it is some type of knit blend.  I need to remind myself sometimes to take a picture of the bolt or at least the tag just so I can remember what the fabric is!!

This is the first time I have had to really shorten the length of the bottom.  It was way past my knees! I like it short, but not too short!  Unless.......

Darts!! I hate them!  I was so determined to make sure it matched the other side and that if the chalk started to disappear on me I could still find the positioning.  I have to do some internet searching though!!! There has to be a better / easier way to do darts and have them come out almost perfect!

Why are shoulder seams the most fun to me??? Because they are the easiest thing NOT to mess up! LOL

I have never done gathers before either.  This project really made me feel like a sewing virgin! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  I definitely had to play with it a little.  I believe in this picture I had one pinned and the other one sewed.

First time doing a lining on a bodice.  I was pretty bummed out that I obviously either missed a step or misread the directions not to have sewn correctly.  Sorry, but after all the work I had already done, and knowing that it was on the inside of the bodice, I just closed up the seam and called it a day.

I actually liked working on these little sleeve.  It wasn't as complicated as working on longer sleeves.  I swear, if every material I work with could be as easy as this, I would use this material all the time!!

The partly completed bodice.

Ugh!!! More Darts!!

Installing my first invisible zipper!  I ripped this sucker out 3 times until I got it right.  It was so frustrating that I wanted to quit, but I didn't give up on it.

I bought this invisible zipper foot from Ebay for $6.00.  Can't beat that!! It worked like a charm!

The final touch.  Hemming the bottom!

So all in all I like the way it came out. There were many firsts for me during this project.  Some I have to work on a few more times than others. I also did my first hook and eye on the top.  I didn't take a pic of that for some reason but it came out great.  I haven't worn it yet.  I think I will wait for the spring since it is short sleeve.  When I do wear it I will post more pics.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY --Christmas Gift Pajamas-- McCall's and See & Sew


Few weeks ago I made my first set of pajamas for my daughter and son (HERE). It was a big hit with them!! They don't want to wear anything else to bed but what I mad them.  Come to find out my younger sister wanted a pair as well. I used the See & Sew B4322 again for my son and daughter and used the McCall's M6251 for my sister because she is a teenager.

Off to Joann Fabrics I went.  It was such a hard decision with all the fleece fabric to choose from.  I knew that I wanted Anti-Pill fleece and I needed to find something that would fit the personality of each child.  After a lot of up and downs through the aisles I settled on these fabrics.

My mother came up with the good idea of putting there nick names that she uses on the back of their pajamas. I purchased from Joann's Soft Iron-On Letters (Similar Here) I wanted them to have the same kind of softness that the pajama fleece has.

My 3 yr old nephew calls her Kayrah because that's how it sounds to him.

A lot of my friends and some family call him Skateboard P, but because my mom doesn't we just went with Peyt.

My mom has always called her Baby Cakes.  Now that she is going to be 11 in January she has shortened it just to cakes now.  She has so many nicknames especially for sports, but we wanted to keep it as a family gift

DO IT FOR THE GRAM!! I'M NOT GONNA DO IT!! (In my Will Ferrell Voice) LOL

This was the post that I put on my Instagram when I was done.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Craftsy Course Splurge

This post is about my little splurge on buying lots of classes that I bought from Now to find the time to sew all the projects that I bought!

I am a visual learner. Not to say that I can't read patterns and come out with something that is ready to wear. Just sometimes I need to see it done with my own eyes. Maybe even rewind it a few times until I get the concept. 

I also can say....if I'm going to spend good money on good fabric, I want to sew along with someone and get it right so it doesn't end up in a bag that I have of sewing projects that have met their True Death!! (Paying homage to a once great show True Blood)

Now the Sewing with Knits class was the first class on my wish list to buy. Yes, I have sewn with knits before and have had good and bad expirences with it. So...I figured buying this class may help me with things I haven't learned by trial and error yet.

I bought Making Leather Bags with the hope that I can start making my own color handbags to go with the outfits that I sew. When I took a trip to NYC this past summer to the fashion district I was looking at all the leather and faux leather that could be used. I'm not sure how I feel about wearing leather as apparel besides a leather coat, so making bags seems like a good idea.

I think this purchase I am the most excited about. I have always thought about making my own bra and panty sets. After making my first bathing suit this past summer I figured I can make undergarments as well. Now when I think off all the pretty sets I can make I think of the Spandex House in NYC garment district. I have watched some of the class already just to watch. The instructor did say at one point the spandex fabric may not be a good choice but that was stated more for the big bosom women, which I am FAR from!! Breastfeeding my kids took care of that for me! Lol!! So I still may try the spandex material. 

What made me by The Weekend Duffel class was a few things. 1) I own two duffel bags, one is small so to me really is a gym bag and the other has ripped. 2) I have been traveling a lot lately and I would like to take a duffel sometimes instead of a book bag and carry-on suitcase. 3) I was drawn in by the design and color of the fabric of the bag pictured!!! LOL! I don't know if I would have bought it if it was just a plan ole' black or blue duffel. Presentation does matter so I will be on the hunt for some pretty canvas or upholstery fabric to make this bag. 

I have a few more classes sitting in my sitting in my wish list cart that pertain to sewing, but I just added a Rigid Heddle Weaving class to the cart as well. Now to buy a loom....

Until Next Time! ✌️


Saturday, November 29, 2014

From me to you!

I hope everyone had Happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday weekend!! I know the Black Friday shopping was in full effect! I definitely took advantage of some great deals and coupons at Joann Fabrics!! Now to wash everything I bought...oh yeah and find the time to make it! Lol 

Until next time!! ✌️


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Monday, November 24, 2014

DIY - Cowl Neck Tunic - McCall's M6612

DIY- Cowl Neck Tunic View A - McCall's M6612

I have an obsession with trying to find long shirts or tunics to wear with leggings. My backside has to be covered at all times!! I am totally out of my comfort zone if its not.  When I saw this pattern I couldn't resist. It's stylish and can be worn with tights and leggings.  I do have a short attention span at times so it looked quick enough for me to do in a day or two with stopping to go to work and taking care of kids.

I'm sad I didn't take a pic of the fabric like I normally do for my other posts.  I believe I purchased this fabric at Joann Fabrics.  It was an impulse purchase that I had no idea what I was going to make with it.  You cant tell by the picture, but it has a very faint amount of sparkle to it.  It's a light weight jersey knit. I will tell you, to only have to cut out three pattern pieces made my day and gave me my sewing fix. LOL

The pattern was pretty easy to follow. I think the only problem I had that I had to rip the stitches out a few times was putting the pieces of elastic on the sides for it to scrunch up for a lack of a better word.  Elastic and I don't get along to well with anything that I have to do that needs it.  I can never get the stretch the way I want it or for the way it is supposed to be for that matter.  It came out well this time in my opinion.

This is the finished product. I wore it to work and received many compliments on it so I must have done it right! LOL

I will definitely be making a few more in different colors to wear with different leggings.  I was comfortable in it and that's what matters!! :)

Until Next Time!!


Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY - Jacket - Simplicity 1283 - MimiG Style

DIY - Mimi G Style Jacket View D

If you have followed my blog you have seen that I LOVE Mimi G and I was so excited to meet her this past September.  I'm sure many people love and follow her, but I owe this restart to the love of sewing to her. I always thought all I could sew was home decor or children dresses that didn't have much difficulty to them.  If it wasn't for finding her on YouTube one day I wouldn't have come as far as I have.  Not to say that I don't have a very long way to go and new things to learn everyday, but she has made it possible for me to keep going and keep trying!!

Pictured here is one of my signed copies of her pattern.  This is not the pattern that I cut! This is safely tucked away after taking this pic.  The fabric used to make the jacket (View D) is a Black Ponte fabric (Here)  that I bought from Mood Fabrics in NYC.

There are a couple flaws in it that I would change for the next time....but I can't complain for my first time.

I used to love cutting out pattern pieces and the fabric, but now that I am sewing more frequently....I think this is starting to becoming my least favorite part!

Now I chose to show this picture because this is the first time that I really had to use interfacing. With that being said, I think I used one that was a little to heavy/stiff for this project.  Next time I will use a much lighter one.

 Making this jacket had a lot of firsts for me. Like sewing the loops for the belt.  It still amazes me watching things I make come together.

 With these two pictures I was so excited to see it coming together.

 Just sewing my seams on one of the lapels! :)

 This was a challenge for me because this was my first time doing a real sleeve with easing and setting in.  It was not the easiest for me!! I will have to practice with this.

Getting my sleeve set in the arm hole.  

Another (look so far) pic.  It made it look a little weird with the arms poked out.

I ended up having to take in both sides a little.

Sewing on the interfaced self facing.

Above and below of the finished look.  I ended up taping the arms of my DIY Dress Form down to the bust/body to make it look good.

To me it came out as good as I could hope. I have already worn it a hand full of times for an evening out and even to work when I don't have to wear scrubs.  I have received a lot of compliments even with the flaws that I know are there but they can't see.  I once read no one should be that close to you to see your mistakes. Next time I will cut the pattern down from a 12 to 10 and use a lighter weight interfacing so the lapels aren't as stiff.  I do have to get a little better at easing the sleeves, but overall I am happy with it and its mine!!  I will be making a few more in different colors eventually.  There are so many patterns and ideas that I want to do and or finish (WIP) that I can't get to another one of these yet.  When I do I will be sure to post them.

Until Next Time!!



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