Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fabric Haul Part 3,

*Fabric haul*
Part 3

I am completely addicted to fabric now.

I have joined the club with people that go shopping for clothes as a therapeutic way to get over anger, sadness or frustrations among other reasons.

I am also part of the club with people that say if you see it now you better get it because it may not be there next time!!

While at work one day during a lunch break I decided to browse (there is no such thing as browse BTW) and see what type of sales they had going on.

My package has arrived!!
 Click on the name of the fabrics to find out more information from

Charmeuse Satin Mod Dot Blush/Silver

The dress I plan on making with this will be so cute!  An APRN I work with suggested adding a black belt or sash to break up the polka dots.  Just the thought of how I WANT it to turn out makes me happy! LOL 

I have a couple of patterns I can use this for.  It will most likely be a maxi dress, but with my own type of twist.  I was in love with the emerald color the moment I saw it.  It was a bit pricey, but when I felt it, I knew it was good quality.

This will probably be used to make another dress similar to the polka dot material.  My plan for this is to be a little more formal yet flirty instead of fun like the polka dot print.

I was very excited about this 50% Wool - 50% Polyester find.  It normal is about $10/yard but I got 3 1/2 yards for about $3.50/yard. I had to buy this to HOPEFULLY make a coat in the fall/winter. I am hoping my sewing skills are much better by that time.

I am very happy with my first purchase from  I will definitely do business with them again.  I did call them before I made the purchase to ask a question on how they cut their fabric and the woman I spoke to was very friendly and helpful.

I feel like a crazy person saying this.  Pretty soon I am going to have more fabric than I have ideas or patterns for.

I can't wait for my next fabric haul!!

Until Next Time!! 



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