Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Buffi's Dress Design -- New book added to my sewing library

I was on the hunt for new sewing book that was not too complicated for me to understand as well as being update to this century's style of clothing.

I went to my local Barnes and Noble book store and came across Buffi's Dress Design.

In three days I went front to back with this book.  I found it very easy to follow and well written.  I like that it has a yardage guide/fabric conversion chart for the amount of fabric you'll need for a project based on the width of the fabric you purchased.  It has illustrations on how to cut your pattern pieces.  That being said, it does come with Sloper Pieces in the back of the book to make the garments just like the One Yard Wonders books.

I am pretty impressed with some of the styles that are in this book. There are some style dresses that I did not care for too much, but I think that is for every book as well as patterns you overlook in stores.  Three different fabric materials that I have listed in my fabric haul posts will most likely be used to create garments from this book.

As of right now, I recommend this book for the beginner like me.

Be on the look out for the posts of garments I make using this book.

Until Next Time!! 



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