Friday, May 2, 2014

DIY -- Dress-Form Using Duck Tape

Hello Crafty Friends,

I decided this winter that I wanted to make a Dress Form that was an exact replica of my body.
I wish I took a lot more pictures through the whole process, but at the time that I was doing this I was not thinking about becoming a blogger yet.  So I am hoping what I have will suffice.

I put on an old T-shirt that I didn't mind cutting the back of to get me out.  And as you can see with help, we started taping my body from the waist up and crossing my middle.

I used one roll of the Gray Duck Tape that you can buy at any store really.

I decided that I didn't want it to just be Gray, so I bought 4 rolls of Purple Duck Tape.  I needed that many because the yardage is less in Purple than the Gray.  I bought the 20 yard roll.

We patched up areas around that needed it, but we had to make sure that we didn't use too much tape or it would alter the actual size of my body.

So after about 1 hour and half we were ready to cut me out of it.  We cut straight down the back using scissors and cutting into the shirt also.  Looking back I shouldn't have taped half way down my arms because dress forms don't have arms.  I realized that when I couldn't put a shirt over it. LOL

I went to my local hardware store and bought a PVC pipe used for plumbing and they had a Christmas tree stand that was 75% because it was after Christmas.  Now let me tell you I walked around Lowes for about 30-40 min trying to figure out what would hold my form up.  I even thought a bucket of cement would have been a good idea, but then I would never be able to move it.  I just got lucky to be after Christmas and find the stand.

After cutting me out, we taped the back of it back up and started filling it with Polyester Fiber Fill.
I cut out 4 pieces of cardboard the exact size of the bottom, top and both arm holes.  Putting the cardboard on the top made for a sturdy piece to go against the PVC pipe.  I cut out a hole in the bottom cardboard piece so the PVC pipe would go through it. Then I just put purple tape over all the cardboard to match it.

Then I just taped the pipe so everything just flowed.  So as stated above since dress forms don't have arms, I will probably take a razor blade and cut the arms off so it will be more functional for me.

I'm really proud of how it came out.  If for some reason I don't have the heart to cut the arms off, I may just use it as a piece of art in my sewing room.

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