Monday, April 21, 2014

Part 2 of my Joann's Shopping Trip ---Fabric Haul

*Fabric haul*
Part 2
Joann Fabrics Shopping Trip

If you haven't read Part 1 of my Joann Fabrics shopping trip, please do!! I had so much fun in the store last week. I had a whole shopping list of what I was looking for and I normally don't.  I like to walk in and let inspiration flow, but I was on a mission that day!!

All the fabric I bought was cut for 2 yards.  I always but 2 yards.  One, to be on the safe side if I need more. Two, so I have scraps to make my memory quilt later on down the line.

The white cotton material at the top was bought to make a pair of white leggings.  I made a pair of black ones using a Leggings YouTube Tutorial from The Crafty Gemini and I was instantly fascinated with how fast and easy it was to make my first pair of leggings.

So...because I wanted to make a few more COMFORTABLE scrub tops for work I decided to stick with the Joann's Easy Care and Wash Fabric.  I also bought the fabric when it was on sale.  It normally runs for $12.99 a yard, but I bought it on sale for $7.79 a yard. I also always get matching Bias Tape and thread.

I didn't realize that my pics have a shadow of me standing in front.  I hope the links to the website do a little better justice!!

I bought 2 yards of a specialty cotton eyelet fabric with a lavender lining to make me a little summer dress and 2 yards. Joann's did not have the eyelet material I bought listed online to give you a closer view. I also bought 2 yards of Chicago Bulls fleece to make my daughter a pair of pajama bottoms.

Overall, my shopping trip went well and I saved well over $400 if you add in the patterns bought in Part 1 for $1.00

Pictures of all the tops I made will be posted soon.

Until Next Time!!  


I am in no way affiliated with Joann Fabric store or corporation.  I just love to shop there!!


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