Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Did Say The In Betweens!!!

YesterDAY I was messing around with my iPhone deleting unnecessary apps and old emails that I don't use anymore.I even deleted cache and browsing history from safari.  I was feeling pretty good about it because it felt like I was doing a little spring cleaning on my phone.

Later on last NIGHT.....I was at work sitting at my desk and thinking about my future postings for this blog. I had some ideas and dates written down in my notepad along with a few extra important notes.  Now did you catch that I said HAD??? My entire notepad was gone!!!!  I could not believe it!! I went through a few different stages.  I went from shocked, to panicked, to angry and then too disappointed.

I was disappointed with myself because the notes that were in there I didn't write anywhere else.  The dates of all the projects that I finished were in there. A few pin #'s were in there.  And last but not least because it is really important to me.....my combination code to my bike lock was in there.  YES...my bike lock!! I am a cyclist in my spare time as well.  Granted I have only used the lock a few times.  It's still important to have!!

So I guess the moral to my story is...just because you have an iPhone or any type of Smart Phone, you still need to use the good ole' trusty pen and paper!!

Until Next Time!! 



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