Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ideal Seam Guage....A Tool I Now Can't Live Without!!

This past weekend I went to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Worcester, Massachusetts. I had been looking forward to this for a few months as this was my first time going.  While I'm not to much into quilting (maybe later) I wanted to check out the other things they would have going on.  It was definitely worth the hour and a half drive.

More on the Expo in other posts.

One of the vendors caught my eye because it was all decked out in Purple my favorite color!! A husband and wife team by the name of LuAnn and Steve Tippets of Sew Very Smooth were demonstrating on their sewing machines this handy tool to help you make straight lines.  I immediately wanted it after watching LuAnn demonstrate a few times using different seam widths.

Those little black dots are actually holes that you drop your needle in to get the desired seam width.

The Ideal Seam Guide is lined up directly against the Ideal Seam Gauge. It will now make a straight stitch on your fabric with the selected seam width.  It has a very sticky piece of film on the back that will stick to your sewing machine and even fabric if you are quilting.  It will not move unless you forcefully remove it.

When you line your fabric up against the seam guide, it will not go under the guide or above it.

The gauge and the guide come in all different lengths for your machines and table attachments.

For those afraid of top stitching (like I am) because of the possible non-straight stitch..THIS IS FOR YOU!!
I probably won't sew another thing until this is setup on my machine and I'm ready to roll.

Until Next Time!! 


I am in no way affiliated with, but I am happy to support the Tippets and there product.


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