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Pajama Jammy Jam -- See & Sew B4322

DIY - Pajamas - See & Sew B4322

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I have been sewing behind the scenes, but I have been soo busy at the hospital lately posting things I have made has been a challenge. Hope everyone is well!! So I decided to make pjs for my kids. This is the first time I have ever made pajamas and I'm excited about the outcome. Remember I'm still new to sewing and I learn something new everyday!!

My daughter loves the Chicago Bulls and my son loves The Walking Dead. So I found the perfect fabric that made them both happy!!

I used a see & sew pattern that was very easy to follow!

Mr. Grumpy decided he wanted to be in the picture!

All the Anti-Pill Fleece was purchased at Joann fabric.

My daughter knew that I was making her pajamas but she had no idea that I had bulls fabric for her. I made the pants for her in the morning as soon as she got on the bus.

My son came to the store with me to pick out his fabric so it could be fair that he had a pair too! Did I mention that in my house we are obsessed with The Walking Dead!!

Here he is trying to be a zombie!!

Enjoying tv before bed! Sammy the seal in the background keeping an eye on them. That's my son's nebulizer for asthma!

I have so much to post, just have to upload to my computer. I swear it is so much easier to blog from my iPhone with pics I have on here, just wish I could center everything from the phone. Stay tuned for more projects I have completed.

Hope you enjoyed.

Until Next Time!!  


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