Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Open for Business!! Legit Business Women!!

It is time to play a little catch up!!!  I will hopefully be able to spread my posts out over the the next few days or weeks.  I have sooo much to share!  I think it is better and easier for me to post to my blog from my iPhone.  I seem to have the phone to more accessible than the computer now a days.

The first piece of news that I would like to share is that as of April 2015 I am now a legal LLC!! My registered name in the State of Connecticut is of course...Silverlinings Originals LLC!! Yay for me!! It is now hanging on my wall above my work station. I have been doing business out of my home as well as two store locations.  Everything I am doing is pretty new still and I am learning as I go, but I am super excited about this new journey I am on!!

Soooo.....since I am my own boss (even though I am still working at the hospital as well...can't quit my day job just yet) I needed to have a more functional and appealing work space. I am very OCD about having everything near and clean.

I made my self a little/big corner into house that is just for me!! I love this little nook that I made myself and how my chair just swivels around while I am working! Hey you see my Sales and Tax Permit hanging in the frame. I'm thinking of putting my first dollar in a frame right next to it too!

I will have more to share soon!! I have been doing a lot of sewing and a lot of business lately. Hopefully I can share sooner rather than later! If you are not already following me on Social Media what are you waiting for???? I think the world posts a little faster on there!! LOL Follow me on Instagram Silverlinings_Originals and on my new FaceBook Silverlinings Originals As always.....

Until Next Time!!



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